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Do you have thousands of digital images on your desktop but not able to find a specific image easily? Or do you have albums that need to be shared with family members? Well, Simple Life Organizing has an answer for you. We offer the best professional photo organizing services; we let you know how to organize pictures so that they are neatly arranged and safely stored. We assist you through the process of identifying which photos to keep and which to discard.

We care about the safety of your photos. With our ideas for organizing pictures you’ll feel at ease knowing that your files can be passed down from generation to generation with ease.  

My passion for photos was ignited when I took on the position as photographer for my high school yearbook. It was at that moment that my love for all things media started to blossom. In college I studied TV and Film and have since been working in the film industry for over 15 years.

In 2008 we became the unfortunate victims of a home robbery in which all of our computers and hard drives were taken. Although I had backed up a large portion of photos on CDs, we lost about a year and half of photos that weren’t saved. The majority of those photos where comprised of my then 4 and 10 year old kids which are memories we can never replaces. Losing those memories was a devastating experience that left us feeling helpless.

Having gone through what we went through, I wish for everyone to have a peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of their media files. People live extraordinary lives! And they deserve to treasure those extraordinary memories.
We provide variety of personal and professional photo organizing services to fit each client’s unique goals. Some examples include:

Whatever your photo organizing needs are, we can help you; We offer a FREE 30 minute in-home consultation where we go over how much media you have, what different types there are and what your goals are for organizing that material. A customized package is then designed to meet your needs and is emailed to you, without any obligation of purchasing anything at that time.

When you are ready to move forward with our services, we will then work out a convenient schedule to meet. Our client’s happiness and satisfaction with our work is our top priority. We are in the business of helping people tell their story and offer our clients a “Simply Ecstatic Guarantee”!

Simply Ecstatic Guarantee

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