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Professional Home Office Organization services

Need a little help with that stack of files or that junk closet in the spare bedroom? At Simple Life Organizing, we understand that rummaging through your clutter can feel overwhelming. As organizing specialists, we live for that moment when a space is cleaned up and our customer can breathe a sigh of relief!

Your workspace affects how you feel and also it influences your work. If your home office organization is right, you will get things done faster and more efficiently. Our Simple life home and office organizing services can make your work more efficient and fast.

Organizing is our passion! We spend countless hours researching and educating ourselves on different approaches and techniques because for us, it’s inspiring! What’s even better is that we are here for you at your pace and level. We want this process to be as easy for you as possible! Our team will move as quickly or slowly as your comfort level dictates.

We help you to set up your home office organization with basic tools used in larger businesses. All you need is ample desk space, office supplies, filing cabinets, calendar, waste basket, phone, answering machine and a computer. Designate separate supply storage areas for family members so they won't borrow your office supplies.

Simple Life Organizing has helped clients find more time in their day for more important things. Our solution services range anywhere from managing mail, to helping organize children’s bedrooms so that they are functional and kid friendly, or finding the right solutions for keeping your closet organized and easy to maintain.

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Types of Spaces We Organize:

Our professional organizing services help you establish your own filing system, For example: color coding files by using the colors as a stoplight. Red file folders indicating urgent things you must stop and act on, yellow files can be wait a bit, and green can go whenever.

We all waste time in a critical situation searching for a particular email that contains some important information; to avoid this situation our office organization services will set up folders for each client and project. We help you sort the email as soon as you read it; It only takes a second or two to drop it in the appropriate folder, but will save you a lot of time if you have to find it late.

We develop clear understandings and guidelines to minimize misunderstandings about your home office. If you work at home and simultaneously care for children while you work, consider availing services offered from simple life organization because we are the best in providing home office organization services.

For those with children: As parents, we are huge advocates for parent/child involvement. It has been our experience that kids are more apt to continue the maintenance of their rooms if they help to implement the system and structure of the organizing process. We use special techniques to help involve the children while teaching them fun and encouraging ideas to help them separate with unwanted toys.

How Does It Work?

We offer a FREE 30 minute in-home consultation to discuss your priorities and goals. You will then be sent an email with a customized package tailored to your specific needs. There is no obligation to purchase at any time.

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  • Client’s information (business/personal) will be kept confidential
  • Information is not sold or shared
  • Specific confidential agreements can be provided at any time if requested
  • Proprietary client information will be used ONLY with the client’s written permission


  • Donated items will be cataloged, photographed, recorded and sent digitally to you for your tax records. (additional costs to be agreed upon)
  • Anything being thrown out will be considered for recycling first.
  • Re-utilizing items you already possess for storage is ideal and preferred when possible